Carlo Citto co-author Structure Magazine article on the Rehabilitation of the Historic McElmo Flume

The Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company Flume No. 6, also referred to as the McElmo Creek Flume, located near the City of Cortez in Montezuma County, Colorado, is the last remaining flume of a water delivery system designed to irrigate the flat, open Montezuma Valley. Over time, the Flume suffered from lack of maintenance and damage by severe natural events, including runoff from a heavy rainstorm that collapsed its northern section and strong winds that damaged staves and bents on the southern section. Prolonged exposure to severe weather resulted in corrosion of the steel elements, concrete spalling, and scour of the foundation. As a result, by 2012 the Flume was at risk of collapse. After a comprehensive material and structural assessment and the development of a preservation plan, the Flume was repaired, maximizing the retention of historical material. This engineering achievement helps to tell the history of water in the development of Montezuma County..

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