New Construction Challenges & Specialty Services

New Construction Challenges & Specialty Services


When construction challenges arise, Atkinson-Noland & Associates can figure out why—and develop appropriate solutions. In addition, clients frequently seek our assistance with specialty design services, such as sound barrier wall design or stone panel veneer anchors.

We indirectly apply our skills to new construction through our work with contractors and with masonry industry groups across the country. Our experts routinely teach mason certification courses, and we assist with troubleshooting efforts.

Legal teams frequently request our support in forensic engineering for evaluating and assessing condition of both existing and new structures. Expertise in diagnostics and testing allows us to evaluate structural distress and failure, establish causes, and recommend remedial action.


A visual condition survey locates and identifies areas of damage and deterioration. Dilapidation, cracks, signs of movement, and other localized failures are mapped and documented on drawings to help determine scope of required repair work. Significant structural cracks are measured for size, location and directionality, where accessible. In addition, sources of deterioration and likely causes of damage are identified, along with repair recommendations, as applicable.

ANA engineers conduct investigative studies to understand causes of problematic conditions and to develop solutions that mitigate future distress. Forensic studies may involve monitoring building movement, assessing material deterioration, evaluating corrosive effects, and mapping cracks. Analysis of results reveals the relationships between observed conditions and their causes.

Our engineers have unique experience creating custom solutions for masonry veneer systems, sound barrier wall design, brick and stone pavements, and masonry repair and strengthening. We work with design professionals, contractors, and material suppliers to develop practical, cost-effective approaches for anchoring stone panel veneers, concrete and masonry injection repairs, and masonry retrofit anchors.

Structural analysis characterizes the structural response when subjected to a variety of conditions and actions, such as changing environmental conditions, new load requirements, etc. This assessment involves evaluating a structure under stress, deformation and displacements, and reactions. Nonlinear analysis through finite element (FE) modeling can be used to pinpoint the source of excessive stress leading to damage of the structure (e.g., cracking in tension, crushing in compression) when evaluated under service and ultimate load ranges.

ANA can recommend appropriate repair techniques for a variety of structures, from modern commercial and industrial structures to protected historical monuments. Structural repair services extend from initial assessment to development of rehabilitation schemes, on-site observation, and quality control of repair measures.