Repair & Strengthening


Structural Repair and Rehabilitation

Consulting services are offered to owners, other professionals, and contractors in support of structural repair and rehabilitation procedures for buildings and other civil structures. Atkinson-Noland & Associates can recommend appropriate repair techniques for a variety of structures from modern commercial and industrial structures to protected historical monuments. Our services extend from initial assessment to development of rehabilitation schemes, on-site observation, and quality control of repair measures.
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Seismic Retrofit

Atkinson-Noland's laboratory experience in testing masonry's resistance to earthquake loads puts us in a unique position for designing seismic retrofit systems for existing masonry buildings. Our philosophy is to use the existing masonry's capacity to its fullest, augmenting where necessary to ensure building stability and to minimize damage during seismic events. Retrofit schemes are designed to be compatible with the existing historic materials, and we strive to use internal strengthening techniques whenever possible to avoid altering the building's outward appearance.
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Compatible Injection Fill

The Atkinson-Noland and Masonry Solutions team brings years of masonry contracting and engineering experience to the job. Injection materials and techniques are backed by extensive laboratory research, ensuring that predictable results are obtained.

Years of laboratory study and field evaluations have perfected grout injection techniques for treating deficient or damaged masonry. The procedure involves pumping a fluid cement-based grout mixture into cracks, voids, or cavities within masonry. Low injection pressures are maintained to prevent damage while strengthening already fragile materials. Injection procedures have been developed to preserve the attractive and desirable outward appearance of the building. A small, mobile crew minimizes intervention by injecting grout through small-diameter holes drilled in mortar joints. The grout mixture itself is optimized for application with brick, stone, concrete block, veneers and facades, or reinforced masonry. Quality control is maintained through standardized tests and nondestructive evaluations conducted by engineering support personnel.
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