Historic Preservation

Atkinson-Noland & Associates offers services for masonry preservation from the planning phase through to the production of design documents and construction administration. Our staff includes specialists trained in evaluation and analysis from engineering and architectural backgrounds. Atkinson-Noland & Associates' structural evaluation services include detailed condition surveys, in-place structural testing, and laboratory material testing. Knowledge of masonry material properties allows our structural engineers to use the strength of the masonry in analysis and design, thus sparing owners the expense of unnecessary structural additions. Our approach to preservation is to use a detailed understanding of the materials and construction to offer solutions that protect historic structures while using their inherent strength to meet design objectives.

Sample Projects

Bunce Island Cedar Breaks Outlooks
Easter Island Manitou Springs Bridges
Newcomer's Bridge Old Dutch Church
Phnom Bakheng Pointe Du Hoc
Rocket Thrower Sculpture Tumacácori Mission
Sunrise AmphitheaterBoulder, Colorado